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Training Programmes

Kettering University Electrical Engineering Co-op

Grand Bahama Power Company sponsors students in conjunction with the Electrical Engineering Co-op programme at Kettering University, Flint, Michigan.

Kettering Co-op is a program designed to place students that possess intelligence, initiative, and a strong work ethic with business partners that are willing to take fresh talent under their wing and mold them into assets for their industry, not merely for a semester, but for an entire career.

The mission of the Electrical Engineering Program is to develop individuals who are prepared to accept engineering responsibility in industry. Specifically, the four major goals of the program are:

  • To graduate students with a broad and fundamental understanding of mathematics and science engineering science, and electrical engineering;
  • To provide its graduates with the experience and the skills necessary to work effectively in industry; 
  • To provide experience both designing products or systems from concept to completion and documenting the complete process in a professional manner; 
  • To facilitate student development as professional engineers

Electrical Engineers work in many areas of industry where they design and use electrical devices, such as; computer systems, control systems, radio and satellite communication systems, motors and electrical actuators and electronics.