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Working For You

Three Year Turnaround Plan

When Emera took over majority ownership of Grand Bahama Power in January 2011, they also took on the challenges of a company faced with aging generation and reliability issues. With the assistance of Emera, GBPC developed a three-year turnaround plan for improving the reliability and efficiency of electric service to the residents of Grand Bahama. Our plan has three phases - a short term, a medium term and a long term target. Here is a look at the plan:

Short Term

Medium Term

Long Term


Transmission and Distribution Improvement plans

The focus of our medium term goal has been improving generation efficiency and reliability of service to our customers. It is important that we deliver on our commitment to customers while ensuring that our employees perform their jobs without comprising on safety. Key to service reliability is a robust, well-maintained transmission and distribution (T&D) system. We brought in experts from our parent company, Emera, to support the GBPC team in the development of a comprehensive improvement plant for T&D. Our team is working hard to ensure that we deliver the service our customers deserve, safely and efficiently. Some of our improvement initiatives are detailed below:

Drawing Project


Re-commissioning of all substations and the PSP switchyard


Implementation of a formal Preventative Maintenance Program



 Customer Service Improvement Plans

Our customer service team has been working diligently to improve the quality of service we offer our customers.  We have heard what our customers have said and are applying that thoughtful input to help assist our comprehensive customer service improvement plan. Some of those plans include:

  • The development of metering policies and procedures. These are scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2013.
  • A comprehensive training program for Customer Service staff delivered by our experienced in-house trainer this year, and the development and roll-out of Customer Service procedures.
  • On-going operational improvements to further decrease the number of customer estimations (currently about 4% of our customers are estimated each month).

We also have two convenient tools geared to improving the customer service experience and assisting customers with bill payments, e-billing and budget billing.

GBPC is also in the process of implementing a fuel hedging program which will reduce the volatility of the fuel charge. This will mean GBPC’s fuel purchases will be based on an average of prices over time instead of one price in a given month. The hedging program will not reduce the long term price of GBPC’s fuel oil but rather reduce the market volatility in what it pays for oil and what its customers pay for electricity.