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Drawing Project

What is it?

GBPC’s key assets – its plants, T&D infrastructure - need to have up-to-date, accurate and detailed drawings on file which identifies how our equipment is connected. Over time our drawing files have become out-dated and have made responding to system issues difficult. The project is broken into phases to cover different aspects of the data collection and will include electrical and structural drawings.

Why are we doing it?

It is challenging for our skilled teams to respond to outages or trouble calls without up-to-date, accurate drawings. This project will enable more effective problem-solving, and will greatly impact the design of future upgrade or improvement projects. It’s also facilitating the discovery and management of problems with existing infrastructure. In addition, once complete, the drawings will greatly assist with another future improvement project - the re-commissioning of all substations and the Peel Street Plant switchyard.

How does it benefit you?

Responding to outages or system issues has been difficult because we didn’t have the up-to-date drawings that could show us how everything was connected, so it was hard to locate and resolve the problem.  IThe Drawing Project will enable GBPC teams to respond more quickly and understand the root cause to service issues, which translates into shorter outage events when they do occur.