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In the long term

Alternative energy is a key part of the plan at Emera, and we see great potential in the Caribbean - particularly here on Grand Bahama - to move towards alternative fuel sources.

Our long term strategy is the evaluation of alternative fuels to further stabilize electricity prices and reduce our dependence on costly oil.

To that aim, Emera is investigating a long-term alternative energy solution that will make a good business case for our customers. Recent restructuring at the corporate level - Sarah MacDonald’s appointment to President of Emera Caribbean - will bring renewed focus and regional efforts on alternate energy solutions, in particular the possibility of bringing natural gas to its Caribbean investments.

A recent Carilec benchmark study confirmed that Grand Bahama Power’s rates remain competitive within our region, placing us in the lower end of the scale. Still, we are committed to continuing to bring efficiency – and more stable electricity costs – to our customers across the Island.