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Estimating a Power Bill

Currently, Grand Bahama Power serves approximately 19,500 customers. On average, we estimate approximately 4% of our customers’ billings. The main reason for an estimation is inaccessibility to customer property.

When a Grand Bahama Power meter person cannot access your meter and is unable to contact you, a door hanger will be left asking for you to contact the Customer Service Department (phone number 352-8411).

The customer bill is estimated based on the average of the total consumption for that customer at that location. If your power bill was estimated it will have an E or a C in front of the customer account number.

When we are able to access the property to take an actual reading the account is adjusted as necessary.

Power Meter Access

Grand Bahama Power always asks customers for access to their power meter. This may mean providing gate keys, removing dogs from around the meter, and/or moving the meter to a place where our personnel can gain access to it without the need to enter the property. Visit Meter Reader Safety for more information.

Email Your Meter Read

Grand Bahama Power permits customers to email your meter read to the company. When an actual reading is obtained the account is automatically corrected to reflect the actual reading. We are diligently working on ways to reduce the number of estimated accounts and ask that our customers assist us in eliminating some of the hindrances to our ability to read their meters.