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Temporary Services

Available in all territories served.


For service required for a short period such as for construction projects, fairs, bazaars, boathouses, etc.

Character of Service

Continuous alternating current of approximately 60 hertz, single-phase, 3-wire, 100 ampere maximum, at a nominal service voltage of either 120/240 volts or 120/208 volts as available at the point of delivery.

Limitation of Service

All service required by customer shall be supplied through one meter. Such service may not be connected to any permanent electrical installation without written authorization of the Building Inspection Department of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited.


Twice the estimated monthly bill but not less than $120.00.

Connection Charge

Customers shall pay all costs for installation and removal by the company of temporary lines or transforming equipment.

Monthly Bill

Computed in Bahamian currency in accordance with the following charges:

  • Meter rental at $10.00 per month, plus
  • Energy charge at 25.02 cents per kilowatt-hour

Fuel Charge

The actual cost of fuel used to generate electricity. This a full pass-through mechanism which generates no profit to the utility.


Meter Rental

There will be a monthly meter rental of $10.00

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