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Night Guard Lights

Night guard lights are available in all territories served by Grand Bahama Power, where facilities are available. The lights are used for lighting private, commercial and industrial areas.

Grand Bahama Power-owned fixtures will be mounted on the existing distribution system served from overhead wires. At the company's option and upon request by the customer, the company will provide special poles, overhead or underground wires at the customer's expense.

Service includes energy from dusk until dawn the next morning. Full maintenance will be provided for by Grand Bahama Power.

The following charges, computed in Bahamian currency, apply to night guard lights:

Night guard light
Cost per month
150 Watts
250 Watts

Estimated cost of the installation and deposit of two months charge per fixture shall be paid in advance.

To request a night guard light or to have your night guard light repaired please contact 242-352-8411 or 242-350-8900.