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Grand Bahama Power Safety

An important part of our mission is to be recognized for our good citizenship. We support this mission by providing a safe work environment as well as seeking opportunities to excel in safety and health.

We define our commitment to safety and health by the following principles:

  1. We manage our business with an active commitment to safety and health excellence.
  2. We integrate safety and health into our business strategies. 
  3. We comply with applicable safety and health laws and regulations and implement prudent standards where none exist. 
  4. We hold each employee and contractor accountable for integrating safety and health into their work activities. 
  5. We strive for continuous improvement in our safety and health programs by setting challenging goals, measuring and evaluating performance, and learning from our experiences. 
  6. Our objective is to maintain an open line of communication for employee to question or report any unsafe acts or conditions. We incorporate safety and health practices into our business every day.

Environmental Integrity

It is our policy to ensure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times and at all places.

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