Electricity is an important part of modern day living, it is also dangerous. Electricity flows through our power lines and into customers’ homes as a current. This current is always trying to get to the ground—it’s just physics. Grounding ensures that the current gets to the ground through a wire—not through someone touching it.

A primary reason for grounding is SAFETY. A properly grounded system will protect people from electrocution & equipment from damage.

GroundingFrequently Asked Questions

Q: What is my responsibility for the grounding of my home?
A: All customer meter cans must be grounded, by a qualified electrician, with a wire running from the grounding bar to a copper rod driven into the earth.

Q: Why should I care about grounding in my home?
A: Electrical wires that are not properly grounded may result in a shock or electrocution if you were to come into contact with it.

Q: What is GBPC’s responsibility for grounding?
A: All GBPC power poles are grounded with a wire running down the side to the bottom of the pole. This helps to protect the equipment from lightning damage.

Q: What does copper theft have to do with grounding and outages?
A: Theft of copper compromises the integrity of our system, and can result in increased outages as the system becomes less resistant to high current levels due to lightning or equipment malfunctions. Theft of copper can also cause serious safety issues. (2) GBPC is investing millions of dollars to improve the reliability of our system and the theft of the copper groundings diminishes the efforts to improve customer reliability and the overall quality of electric service.