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Meter Reader Safety

When our meter readers are able to safely enter your property and get an accurate meter reading, it allows your power bill to be calculated based on actual household consumption rather than on an estimate.

Here are some tips to remember for your next meter reader visit:

  • In the summer, keep vegetation such as flowers, bushes and weeds clear of the meter - be careful not to damage the meter when trimming.
  • For indoor meters, the path leading to the meter should be kept clutter-free and well lit to help spot potential hazards.
  • If you have a dog, big or small, please make sure that they are properly secured or effectively restrained away from the meter.
  • Keep yard access gates in good repair.
  • On your meter read date please unlock your gates.
  • Ensure your sidewalks are kept clear of any debris that may be hazardous to your meter reader.
  • Ensure a safe clear path all the way to your meter; hidden hazards may be a source of injury to your meter reader.
  • Keep the area around the meter free from clutter; avoid using this area for storage. 
  • Be aware of the location of your meter, what might have been free and easy access when the meter was installed, may now be a hazard. New construction may place the meter in an undesirable location.