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Fuel Surcharge Calculation

Grand Bahama Power recovers the amount it spends on fuel through a Fuel Surcharge.

The Fuel Surcharge for January 2012 is 22.72 cents per kWh.

The fuel surcharge is determined each month based on two factors:

  1. The actual cost Grand Bahama Power paid for the fuel it is now burning; and,
  2. The amount of fuel Grand Bahama Power uses in that month to produce electricity.

The total amount (cost x amount used) is divided by the total kWh’s used on the island during that month to arrive at a cent per kWh cost (¢/kWh) that is charged to each customer.

  • 2011 Average Fuel Surcharge: 20.6981 ¢/kWh
  • 2010 Average Fuel Surcharge: 14.6139 ¢/kWh
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